Graduate Student Programs


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Technology is constantly evolving—improving upon existing tools and concepts and growing in entirely new and unexpected directions. The global market demands skilled, forward-looking electrical and computer engineers who will find innovative solutions to emerging challenges. UMass’s MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering program is designed for rising professionals and academics who want to engineer solutions for the future.

UMass offers two options for students to pursue their MS:



A traditional, approximately two-year MS, based on-campus in Amherst, Massachusetts, US with opportunities to participate in locally-based academic research led by university faculty.



A 16-month MS program designed for working engineers looking to play a central part in the creation and planning phases of new technologies. Complete your program in China, with UMass classes hosted at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and visit the campus in the U.S. for three weeks of Summer session.


Students are taught exclusively by UMass Amherst professors for the duration of the program.


Field Degree students gain a professional advantage as they continue to build their careers. The program provides internship and job placement assistance in China with leading international employers such as Accenture, Amazon, Apple, Bosch, Cisco, Dell, GE, IBM, Microsoft, and start-ups located in Shanghai. Program staff assist students with applying and preparing for interviews. These job and internship opportunities are competitive and time-sensitive— the earlier students enroll in the program, the better their chances.

“UMass enables you to work at the boundaries of engineering where you take basic technologies and learn how to apply them for commercial products. I can’t think of a more satisfying experience than to be in that process and have it result in something that is going to affect millions—or billions—of people.”

Dr. Christopher Hollot

Professor, Department Head, Electrical and Computer Engineering